About Us


A wine vocation which bases its roots in the past:

The Trevisan’s wine cellars originates at the end of ‘800, when Paolo Trevisan had the idea and strength to build a wine cellar in San Giovanni di Motta di Livenza.
The business idea and philosophy of production were then carried rofward by his son Carlo, which had important confirmations on the vocations and potential wine quality of the raw material that the ground produced.
Only in the fifties the Trevisan’s wine cellars had its important development under the guidance of Mario and Emilio, respectively uncle and father of Roberto, current holder of the Company.
Roberto today combine tradition and technology innovation, with the principles of seriousness and professionalism that have marked inthe time the Trevisan’s wine cellars.

Is today a consolidated and historical reality that put down roots in a place where historical viticulture’s vocation and fertile soil merge themselves. In the same time both international and local variety of wine are produced in our cellar, that are able to give back, through a careful and respectful vinification, a product that have an high quality and increase tha value of territory’s typicalness and of our grapes.
You can find the productive philosophy in the wines, that confirm the value of the modus operandi with the successful in the market and with the achievement of important award in the contest where have partecipated.
Passion, employement of the high technology and the power with our projects is developed, permit to obtain wines with representative characteristics of the raw matter and able to represent the inimitable characteristics of the grape and terroir.