Dolce Vita


Label: Dolce Vita vino rifermentato in bottiglia

Sensory characteristic:
Visual assesmnet: fine and elegant straw yellow. Fine and persistent perlage
Olfactory Character: intense fruity note, accompanied by pleasant aromas of bread crust due to the presence of yeast in bottle
Taste: a strong acidity and a pleasant sapidity are accompanied by a sensation of softness conferred by the yeast present in the bottle. The fine and persistent bubbles give freshness and pleasantness

Grape variety: Glera, Malvasia Istriana, Gewurztraminer
Place of growing: San Giovanni di Motta di Livenza
Type of soil: Heavy clave soil
Vineyard exposure: south-west
Pruning system:  Sylvoz

Winemaking: white vinification with oxygen protection for all the varieties making up the blend
Storage: stainless steel tank
Secondary fermentation: refermentation in bottle. At the end of this there isn’t the degorgement, therefore the yeast settles on the bottom of the bottle and guarantees the preservation of the product over time.
Alcol Strenght: 11,5% vol
Total acidity: 6,5 g/L
Residual sugars: 1 g/L
Overpressure: 2,5 BAR

Temperature °C: 6-8°C

How to serve the wine:clear to grasp its freshness, veiled to appreciate its complexity
Wine-food combining: aperitifs, appetizers based on salami, raw fish appetizers and first courses of fish
Glass: ample tulip glass
Wine list how to indicate it: DOLCE VITA,sparkling white wine IGT, refermented in bottle